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Kesioglou – OlymposFoods is an international trading company which standardizes, markets and distributes high quality meat and frozen food. Since its foundation in 1955, Kesioglou – OlymposFoods has demonstrated consistency in its values ​​and adherence to its vision, with the main pillars of operations being continuous innovation and optimization of processes in all areas of activity. Through the years and through continuous investment, Kesioglou – OlymposFoods has evolved into an efficient business group with added-value activities and one main purpose: the trading of high-quality frozen products on a global scale. The company maintains reliable and long-term partnerships with both its suppliers and customers while operating in 5 continents and over 30 countries, with products and services of unparalleled quality, always with respect to society & the environment.


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International trade is based on adaptability and flexibility, trust and mutual benefit. Based on the above and through the extensive network of global suppliers and customers, as well as transport companies & cold storages, we have the ability to import and export products quickly and cost-efficiently anywhere in the world.

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Customer-centric approach

Our executives, through constant communication with the clients as well as the end-users, adapt the products and services accordingly, based on the needs that occur. We focus on fast and reliable deliveries as well as adjustable orders with long-term contracts.

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In an ever-changing business environment, thanks to the expertise of our executives and the adaptation of cutting edge technology, we have developed a reliable and integrated system of operations, with the primary goal being the development of new, innovative products and packaging, based on global industry trends.


Kesioglou – OlymposFoods has a wide product portfolio of high quality frozen foods with globally recognized certifications, for various industrial uses as well as consumption.

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Industrial Meat

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HORECA Products


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Lamb – Goat

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In addition to the broad product portfolio, the company maintains a portfolio of specialized, added – value services for its partners.

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Consultancy | NPD

Our years of experience in the field of new product development allow us to quickly implement new product specifications (weights/pc, packaging, palletization, etc), based on correct cost factors, serving the needs of the most demanding producers or buyers.

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COMMERCIAL & VAT representation

We work with brands in order to help them penetrate new or current markets. Moreover, we work alongside retailers to develop tailor made private label products. We also undertake VAT representation for companies across all industries.

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OlymposFoods has a specialized unit dedicated to dealing with the management and investment of funds across all industries. Our executives have years of experience in the field in the domestic as well as International capital markets.

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Operating in 4 warehouses strategically located in the Balkan Peninsula (Athens, Thessaloniki, Plovdiv and Bucharest), we provide third-party logistics services (storage & transport) quickly and cost-efficiently, with full coverage throughout the entire region. Our moto is: quality, price & timely delivery.


Exports to over 35 countries

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Contact Us

Venizelou 4, 54624 Thessaloniki, Greece

Tel: +30 2310228930 / Fax: +30 2310228920